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What is the Fellowship of Christian Magicians ?

The Fellowship of Christian Magicians Inc. is an international organization of people dedicated to the "encouragement and promotion of a high standard of presentation of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to the winning of souls to Christ."


What do they do?

The FCM teaches how to use the visual illustrations and develop talent for Gospel presentation using sleight of hand, optical illusion, ventriloquism, puppets, balloons, clowning, juggling, storytelling, and other visual arts as they develop for this one cause visually promoting the Word of God.


How do they share?

The FCM publishes and sends each member The Christian Conjurer magazine, a publication that contains Gospel routines for the various interests, plus an exchange of ideas and announcements of activities. They also hold a week-long international convention packed with workshops, lectures, and other activities in July of each year. There are smaller regional conferences held throughout the United States and various parts of the world almost monthly. Daniel belongs to the Hoosier FCM chapter and serves as the chapters secretary.

What are the requirements to join the FCM?

Complete agreement with the FCM Statement of Faith:

  I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, and believe the Bible to be the only inspired infallible Word of God. I believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, and that He died on the cross as the only atonement for our sins; that He rose from the dead; that He ascended to the Father's right hand in Heaven, and will one day come back for those who trust in Him. As a member of this fellowship, I commit myself to: (1) reaching lost souls and encouraging growth in the body of Christ through the use of such talents as magic, ventriloquism, and associated crafts, (2) diligently to be a more proficient performer with these talents, and (3) carefully uphold the code of ethics of the magic profession (relative to exposure of magical effects and ideas).

and an annual membership fee.


How do I get more information?
Visit the FCM Website, E-mail the FCM Mail Center, or write to the FCM: 7739 Everest Court North Maple Grove, MN 55311-1815 USA